Christmas Love Letters From God  Review- Starting a new family tradition.

I know I say this for every book but seriously ya’ll this one is my most recent favorite! I found “Christmas Love Letters from God” to be one of the best and most relateable retellings of the Christmas story that I’ve read to my 4 year old.

Instead of attempting to read the whole book in one night we went chapter by chapter at bed time through the week, giving time for questions and discussion to naturally flow. One of the parts my son loved the best was seeing his name written on each of the letters that really brought the book to life and made each story personal to him.

Each chapter is broken down into 3 Main sections- Story, which gave a shorted yet descriptive retelling of each pivotal part of the Christmas story. Poetry/Song, words written in prose which allow moments of praise & worship. And finally the Love Letter- a letter written to children from God, which begins with ‘Dear_______” Leaving a blank space to fill in your child’s name.

Order your copy of “Christmas Love Letters from God” here and start a new family tradition of your own wit a book that can be passed down from generation to generation.

*I received this book free in return for my honest review .

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