Change Of Plans..But Not So Bad..I Finally Went To Trader Joe’s

     Happy Humpday family!! Well today my family and i were supposed to go to the park but due to unfortunate events (rain) that didn’t happen. So what to do on a rainy day?  I have been wanting to go check out what Trader Joe’s was so today I got the chance. I have to say I was MAJORLY impressed! There prices were lower then my favorite shopping place on many, many items! 
     I only wish I didnot have a fridge full of produce already or I would have been scoring big time! So many items to choose from and all the low calorie, GMO free, no artificial colors, preservatives, trans fats or MSG..I could have sworn at one time I thought i heard the sounds of trumpets..Ok so maybe it was the radio..but..I was impressed and I know where I will be going back for my big food shopping trip. 
     Now on to dinner and our 2nd stop..Whole Foods!! Doing the Snoopy Dance!! There food bar is to die for however…Do not go there when you are ravished or you will never be able to decide among all the goodness that surrounds you. On the flip side I walked out of Whole Foods with…nada..Here’s what happened I ate..I was full..nothing appealed to me. But I think in all reality I was still blown away by Trader Joe’s..lolSo that was my venture for the day..If you get the chance check them out! You won’t be sorry!..Till next time….
Can you believe I got all this at Trader Joe’s for 36.25!!!!
The soup, salad and sandwiches here are so yummy!
This was my dinner..Herb Chicken Caprese on Ciabotta bread..I am missing the Sweet Potato & Kale soup…It was delicious!
Hubby opted for pizza..can you see the fresh slices of tomato & mozzarella cheese? He is having Potato Gouda soup..I didn’t try the pizza but the soup was really good!
It’s the little things in life that excite me..Like a bathroom sink that is nothing more then a counter top slanted upwards somewhat so all the water goes right down. I think I need one!

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