Buffalos On My Pizza.

   So you’ve heard from Mama Carol and Mama Dawn. Now it’s my turn! If you haven’t noticed by our photos or the things we’ve said we all have a weight problem. I can’t remember a time in my life when I was thin. I was in and out of the hosptial with asthma attacks, and pretty much survived on steriods in pill and inhaler form, which left me ALWAYS feeling hungry. Pair that with a family that LOVES to eat and you are pretty much destined to become overweight if you don’t watch what your doing. So here I am 100+ lbs over weight and struggling to find my motivation and my fight. 

   The truth is I love food, and I love to cook, but having a 16 month old it’s not always easy to cook the savory meals that I imagine setting on the table eat night. That’s why I am so thankful for Publix Apron Simple Meals, So many of my go to recipes are either directly from or inspired by them. The other day we were out into the early evening doing some shopping and as I glanced at the time my first thought was “ugh, I don’t even feel like going home to cook”, So I grabbed ahold of the racecar cart in which my son sat playfully steering with his feet and munching on a rainbow sprinkle sugar cookie (side note: I adore rainbow sprinkles, they have the magical ability to make a bad day, seem a little brighter) headed over to the bakery and got my hands on some premade pizza dough, then gathered the rest of the ingredients. To be fair, there were only 3 total and I just grabbed the dough. I love making pizzas,they are quick and easy and making my own gives me the ability to split it into 3 or 4 sections to suit everyones tastes, and even get a good dose of veggies in. Luckily I rarely have to hide veggies in food as my son has grown to love them. I have yet to find another child who would give up his cookie for a mushroom, and happily sit in his high chair and much away on lettuce. And he is willing to try anything once. As time goes by I will be sure to include my recipes for toddler friendly freezer meals that you can just pop into the microwave or throw in a lunch box and let thaw til lunch time.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Publix Apron Simple Meals)

1 Publix Pizza Dough (or any dough if you can’t get your hands on publix brand)
1 Container Publix Buffalo Style Chicken Breast Dip (I didn’t use it all I still have about 1/3 of it sitting in my fridge)
1 Bag Sargento 4 Cheese Pizza Cheese

Roll or Toss dough
Spoon and smooth Buffalo Style Chicken Breast Dip Over Dough (leave enough space on the edges for crust)
Sprinkle with Sargeto 4 Cheese Pizza Cheese
Bake according to dough directions or until bottom is golden brown and top cheese is melted

I paired this with a simple side salad and it was amazing. The left overs are calling my name as I sit at my kitchen table and type this out, but it shall wait til lunch tomorrow (that is unless my hubby gets to it first).

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