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Back On Track With Mama Carol

Hello MJM Family! It’s been a long time since I actually sat down and wrote something. This may be a little long so grab your coffee, sweet tea or whatever your choice of drink is. Sit down a spell, put your feet up and read on. About 3-4 years ago I was given a dream. I believe it was God given as all the steps were laid out for me. Part of that dream was this blog that so many of you have come to know The Mason Jar Mamas. My Daughters and I started out with gusto writing, cooking, craft, videos and more.

However as the months went on our lives all took presidence over writing and keeping up with things. It seemed it was always next week or maybe the beginning of next month and day after day has gone by. I still see some familiar names liking some of the memes we put up. Thank you for sticking with us even when we haven’t had a lot of content lately. We have had a lot go on in the past few years. Deaths of loved ones but new lives of Great-Grandchildren.

The scare of possibly losing everything we owned in a hurricane that was heading right for us. But the grace we were given when at the last hour it shifted and spared us and our small fishing town we live in. I was running an Ebay store and an Etsy shop. Since my house began to look like a bad episode of “Hoarders” I decided to close my Ebay store down. And some things that have transpired lately with my suppliers and so fourth on Etsy have basically caused me to rethink trying to keep that up as well.


      So as I sat on my bed rethinking my life the “Dream” came back to me and I have decided to do what I was told to do which is this blog. I want to connect with all of you. And I want you to get to know us. I hope that can happen with our stories, craft ideas and recipes. And I hope you will all be here to share it with us 
-Mama Carol

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