Aprons Simple Meals Program

One of the best things about living in the south is the abundance of Publix stores. If I had to pick one grocery store to shop at, Publix would be it. Especially “My” store, the one closest to me, the one I shop at most. This is also the store that has saw my son grow within my belly, and the store that now is all to excited to stop and say hello and call my son by name. One of the best parts of publix is their Aprons Simple Meals program, which is always the best bet when I’m clueless as to what to make for dinner. Join them at select times every week for meal prep and tasting served by friendly and knowledgeable meal experts. (Shout out to my favorite Aprons Simple Meals Meal Expert! She knows who she is! ). Even if you don’t have the pleasure of having a Publix near you you can still find delicious recipes – including videos- at their website:

Aprons Simple Meals Program

*this is not a paid ad, We simply love Publix and the Aprons Simple Meals Program

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