Another 5 Minute Craft For Kids Who get Bored Easily…Placemats

     Can you believe it is Thursday already! What happened to the rest of the week? Only 36 days till Thanksgiving and 62 days till Christmas! Where does the time go? I believe as I get older the days pass so much faster. Could just be me
Well as I said before if you have children or in my case grandchildren that don’t sit still for long here is another 5 minute craft. The other day was a birdfeeder today is placemats. All you need is some clear contact paper, cardstock, markers, crayons and scissors and away we go…
Coloring the table was more fun
He is so serious! I love the tongue sticking
My Grandson said this is the bus from Epcot in Disney. Not bad for a 4 year old.
My Grandaughter decided to draw some Picasso turkeys. She colored them in before we put them in the contact paper.
Lay contact paper flat. Measure paper fold contact over to seal and cut away and extra edge. Instant placemats and they are so proud of their artwork! My grandson actually had to hang his Epcot bus on the fridge.

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