Adventures In Bloggersitting.

It’s a little after 9am, my son has slept in a bit, I saunter out of the bedroom to Piles of laundry by the door, waiting to be done, mountians of dishes the sink that I left overnight “to soak”. Before I know it, the fridge door is opened by tiny hands attatched to a little boy who wants to “eat!”, thankfully I made muffins last night, so they are a quick and ready breakfast for the both of us. The phone rings, I answer thinking it’s my best friend in Kansas, instead I am greeted with a thick Indian accent that tells me they have been monitering my windows usage and there is something wrong with the *click* I hang up, part of me wonders what they would have said had I told them I was running a mac? or that I was a windows support tech myself? I always seem to think of these things after the fact. 
I glance back at the laundry thinking about how I should go do it, its just across the street. But even a short laundry trip across the street means having to get shoes on my 2 1/2 year old, getting the dog out on the deck so she doesnt chew a toy while we are away, and carrying the laundry over, it seems like too much work for the morning. I’ll do it later. 
The phone rings again, Aha, there is my Kansas state friend! We talk for a bit inbetween my son climbing into the fridge, trying to ride the dog, and crying over sprinkles that I didn’t know he wanted. That reminds me, I have a couple phone calls I have to make!
In amongst all of this I sit at my computer, staring blankly at the screen. What do I write? should I give up? I can’t think of anything to write! Does anyone even read this thing? This is the life and mind of a mommy blogger…. Let me check my facebook, my son is in the fridge, AGAIN. The dog needs to go out. I think I need a glass of water. Oh look, the dog is out of water too, it’s too quiet what is my child getting into now? He walks over climbs in my lap, turns towards me wraps his arms around my neck and says “Mommy Hug!!”, I wrap my arms around him and even for the smallest amount of the the laundry, dishes, phone calls, and even blogging don’t matter anymore. The only thing that matters is here in my arms, my son, my answered prayer, my dream come true, and as the years pass no matter what life may hand me, it’s moments like this that will continue to be the only thing that really matters.

Just before I hit submit to post my precious dream come true walks over, he is now my precious smurf, it seems he has found a blue marker..I’m really not sure If I want to walk into the room from which he came…

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  • Hi April! It sounds like you've got the incredible pleasure of being at home with your son while you creatively work on living your dreams! How awesome is that? You didn't mention whether or not there are any weather constraints to consider. Like maybe snow on the ground, if you decide to go across the street and do the laundry! Thanks for allowing an insight into your day!

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