A New year Is Coming Upon Us & Happiness Helpers…

     It seemed like I was watching the ball drop and it was 2013 and now already we are looking at 2014. I’m sure like last year it will be a year of discoveries and a year of changes.  Maybe this year I will actually follow through with some of those resolutions I said I was going to do last year. lol  I  do have a lot of ideas with my Ebay business and also with my Etsy business plus I want to start blogging a lot more frequently. Along with organizing and eating healthier. Ok I’m tired and overwhelmed already! (J/K)
     I have found in the past this was my weakness. I try to do everything at once and do get myself overwhelmed so this year I will take one day at a time and if I fall behind or slip up it’s ok just move on…With that said we were working on a project before Christmas and finally finished it last night. We made Happiness Helper bags. These are bags we filled and are going to hand them out to the homeless. So many times we see people on the corners who just need something to cheer them up. My family and I have worked a lot with the homeless and you would be amazed at how just the smallest of things will put a smile on their face. 
We are starting with 25 bags and when we see someone on a corner who needs cheering up well we have got something to give them.Happiness Helpers!  Along with that since the weather is getting colder I also have gloves to give out. You would be surprised how many of the guys who sell the newspapers appreciated those! We do what we can with what we can but just to see one smile is worth it! Maybe you can make some happiness helper bags.You can use your own idea on what to put in them. Maybe you can get a deal on some things someone else can use. 🙂 This is what we bought to assemble them. we do have some items left but we can use those next round.
One box of gallon size storage bags
50 Styrofoam cups we put 2 in each bag. 
1 container of powdered creamer that we separated into 25 little bags
1 jar of coffee that we separated into 25 little bags
1 box 100 ct sugar packs (4 in each cup)
25 plastic spoons
2 boxes of Cascadian farms Granola cereal which I mixed with a container of raisins and made a granola mix then separated into 25 bags.
5 packs of 5 razors
5 packs of 8 ct tissues
3 packs of 10 combs
 2 packs of 40 ct wipes (2 each)
3 packs of 10 ct toothbrushes
1 box of 100 band-aids (4 each)
1 pack of 100 safety pins (4 each)
1 card with Hubby’s name & number (He is a Pastor) Sometimes you just need someone to talk too. 
I then printed out some smiley stickers and affixed it to the front of the bag and voila Happiness Helper bags. Hopefully we can do this at least once a month. I also want to get some Hershey’s hugs and make little you look like you could use a hug bags. Thank you Kathy McKelvey for that wonderful idea 🙂 So here is a picture of what we made time to get busy and hand them out..till we meet again..Mama Carol

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