8 simple tools for raising great kids Book review

Attention parents! If you haven’t read this book you are seriously missing some amazing tools that could be added to your parenting tool belt. 8 simple tools for raising great kids by Dr. Todd Cartmell a clinical child psychologist  and author.

As a gentle parent I am always weary of parenting books, as I’ve come across so many that clash with my parenting style, but I was pleasantly surprised as I read through and each and every tip was presented as a gentle non discipline tool that even the gentlest of parents could use without betraying their beliefs. 

Using the 8 simple tools written in the pages of this book you will have a pocket full of tools to use in almost every parenting situation that should arrive. With only a few pages about faith this is a great tool kit for any parents, not just Christians.

This has been one of the best tools I’ve been able to add to my parenting arsenal. Chapters are short yet informative which allows parents to breeze through the book during nap times or dare I even say bathroom breaks. Dr.Cartmell breaks down each tool into easy to understand stories and follows them up with tips and things to consider which allows the reader to put themselves and their family into the tool house and easily remember these tools when they are needed.

Be sure to visit: 8simpletools.com to find quizzes and shareable tips from the book.

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*Disclosure: I have been sent a copy of 8 simple tools for raising great kids by Moody Publishers to review. I am not being paid to review or endorse this book.

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