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57¢ Snack Packs – Saving money on healthy snacks

What’s so great about 57¢ snack packs?  If you’ve been shopping recently you know things can be expensive, especially healthy snacks. The other day while at our favorite grocery store my son wanted a snack, and my wallet wanted to cry! $2.59 for a healthy snack pack? As a mom who loves when her child chooses healthy snacks, I was a bit disheartened at the cost of a single snack, and as I looked over the package, I thought to myself, there’s gotta be a cheaper way to make this! So off we went for another lap around the store to gather what we needed to make it happen.

Here’s what we grabbed:

1 Bag mini pretzels- 6 in each container

1 Bag Sargento cheese snack sticks ( I was looking for cheese cubes but in the end these sticks worked out better for us, we were able to cut them up into small cubes which worked great for small hands)- We used the equivalent of about 3 sticks for each serving.

2 Apples- cut up and separated.


After cutting up the apples I realized that we had enough for about 8 snack packs, with lots of pretzels and some cheese left over for other snack pack projects (DIY Lunchables anyone?)

After doing the math I had realized each home made snack pack only cost me about 57¢, if you want to add in the caramel it raises the price up to about 66¢ each, But at that price my son is free to snack healthy every day!! Imagine how much YOU can save!

*For storage we used small condiment containers I was able to find at Dollar Tree, you can use re-useable or disposable ones to fit your needs.

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