5 Minute Craft For Kids Who get Bored Easily..

     Happy Monday! Well we went to our trunk or treat on Saturday and the kids made out pretty good. Lots of ghosts and goblins. Seen Doc McStuffins, Jesse & Woody, Mario, The Incredible Hulk and many more.
Oh how I miss those days! I have to tell a quick story though. One year my Mom didn’t know what to make for my costume and she had a lot of green crepe paper from somewhere. I don’t even think they make that anymore. Well anyway she decided to make me the Jolly Green Giant from the commercials.
     Well I was green leaves from head to foot. When my Mom decided on something she did it all the way! Well who would have known it was going to rain that night! You guessed it after peeling the crepe paper off of me I was green from head to toe. And it don’t wash off so easily. Needless to say the next few days at school were a riot..Not! Anyway just another funny story now, so let’s get to crafts. My grandchildren sit for about 5 minutes maybe before they are distracted by something and there focus is gone! So when we do any kind of craft item it has got to be quick so here we go with the first one..

Here is what you will need to make bird feeders
Jeremi found it more fun to look through the tubes
Ryan found it more fun to eat the peanut butter
Ok now we are serious..Spreading the peanut butter on the tube..
Jordan joining in on the fun
Rolling the tube in the birdseed to cover it
I added the string and voila! He is very proud of his birdfeeder!

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