5 Back To School Must Haves to Make Mornings Easier

Make mornings easier- Back to school.

1.Muffin tins! Sure you can use these handy things for traditional muffins or you can go beyond the muffin. How about mini quiche? or traveling omelettes? or maybe on the go pancakes?

2. Shoe boxes! In the fridge and pantry. I know it sounds a bit odd but stick with me. A Few well placed plastic shoe boxes can make lunch prep a snap. One box with pre cut fruit & veggies, another with some pre-cut deli meat & cheese (or other pre-made main course faire- chicken nuggets, pizza bagels) a box in the pantry with pre-measured chips, popcorn, crackers, or other dry snacks. Make it work for your family, instead of having to prep lunches the night before or the morning of, you can simply prep over the weekend and then let the kids choose 1-2 items from each box for their lunch.

3. Shoe Boxes! I know I already said that, but They can be used in so many different ways. My sister has 4 kids, and one of the biggest stresses of getting ready and off to school in the morning is shoes!! My niece is searching for her missing shoe, the 5 year old is walking around in cars and batman shoes (both left shoes) because he can’t find the matches, my oldest nephew is turning the house upside down looking for his soccer cleats, finding shoes can be the worst part of the morning. Save the stress and assign a box for each child (and even you and hubby) to put their shoes in. No more missing shoes!

4. Extra Large Ziplock Bags! Other then trying to find shoes, many times finding clothing is another Good Morning nightmare. Instead of pulling clothes out trying to find what matches and what’s too small, take the weekend to get everyone’s clothes for the week together, No worry about the little one wearing plaid and polka-dots in purple and red or missing the bus because they couldn’t find socks. Pack shirts,pants,underwear,& socks (even accessories for the girls) in a ziplock, and let them grab a bag in the morning when they are ready to get ready.

5. Hooks or hangers! Keep backpacks hanging on the wall on a hook or hanger, make sure everything is packed up and in the night before and hang each bag on the wall, no need to remember where they put their bag, bonus if you can put them by the door to easily grab as they go out the door!

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  • All great ideas! Try freezing fruit (slices and hunks) for a quick breakfast smoothie or toss-together fruit salad for breakfast.
    • Oh I've frozen the fruit for smoothies, but never thought of just letting it sit out for a bit for a fruit salad!

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