15 Holiday Family Memory Makers

Apparently Florida took the idea that it’s November and used that as a signal to bring in fall. Now lets hope it stays this way. Life is so much more enjoyable when we can leave the windows and doors open, and play outside without coming back in needing a shower. I find it interesting that it’s this time of year when I don’t get depressed or have anxiety attacks nearly as often. It’s almost life giving.
Stores are filled with scenes of turkeys and tinsel pumpkin pies and sparkling lights. There is an electricity in the air, and jingle bells play throughout the loudspeakers (my radio as tuned from 999 Happy Haunts to old time crooners like Bing Crosby singing “Frosty the Snowman.) We’ve pulled the Christmas decorations from the shed and placed them on the deck, so we can start  the process of changing our humble home into a Christmas wonderland. I was so very lucky to marry a man who loves Christmas as much as I do, and loves to decorate as well.

I am one of the people who gets excited to see the Christmas displays being put up the day after Halloween. I hear so many people complain, and it makes my heart hurt. They say Christmas is too commercial, that Christmas is not what it used to be. If you don’t like it, then change it. Stop putting yourself into debt to buy the kids and grand kids all those expensive toys that they won’t remember next year, and create memories. Stuck on what to do? Here is a list of things you can do this holiday season that doesn’t have to cost a lot but can build memories that will last a lifetime:

1.Cook Thanksgiving dinner together.

2.Share grandmas “secret” recipe for melt in your mouth dinner rolls.

3.Take a family photo!

4.Go for a walk, collect leaves and pine cones, create art with them!

5.Go for a picnic! Pack a lunch, and go to the park, or even your own back yard.

6.Don’t buy gifts, MAKE THEM! (List of DIY Gifts to make coming soon!)

7.Pick a name from the angel tree at the mall and have fun making it a great Christmas for a child who may not have had gifts under the tree.

8.Make a big pot of coffee or hot chocolate and drive around on Sunday morning, give the newspaper sellers or homeless on the street a hot drink.

9.Create Happiness Helpers: (Find out how HERE)

10.Everyone get into their pj’s pack the car with hot coco and cookies, drive around looking at Christmas lights.

11.Movie night: We love The Polar Express! Bring out the pillows and blankets and cuddle up in the living room.

12.Serve at a soup kitchen.

13. Visit the library, find a out of the way corner, cuddle up and read together.

14.Visit a nursing home, give the residents a flower or other small gift, most of them love to see children and families and love to just have someone to talk to.

15.Spread the love! Bake or buy some goodies and leave them on a neighbors door without them knowing, leave a note asking them to do the same.

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